Published On: Tue, Aug 27th, 2013

Business Finance Store Officially Ranked in Inc 500

BFSINC Business Finance Store Officially Ranked in Inc 500

According to Inc’s article, One Thing Inc. 5000 Companies Have in Common: Performance, “The largest distinction between consumer-facing Inc. 5000 companies and their business-to-business counterparts is that the former thrive by making customers happy.” Though we certainly provide business-to-business services, we see our clients as our own customers, and strive to keep them happy. In fact, most of our clients turn out to be repeat clients!

For instance, Blind Squirrel Games, a third-party video game developer in Orange County returned to us after they experienced their own growth explosion in the past year. “It’s difficult to work with large banks, because they won’t go outside of their own lending facilities to find you the best deal,” Blind Squirrel CEO Brad Hendricks says, “I never really had any questions about what’s going to happen next, or what I’m supposed to do, because Business Finance Store was always on top of it.”

In Good Company

We are officially #147 on the list, but that’s not all! We are also ranked #8 in the Inc 500′s Top 100 Financial Services Companies list, as well as #8 in the Los Angeles Metro Area. In California, we are ranked #26 — an incredibly impressive feat considering two of this year’s Overall Top 10 are in Callifornia as well!

Our gamut of funding options from Unsecured Business Finance, Business-Directed Retirement Accounts, and even Crowdfunding reflects how much our company has grown. Not only does this wide variety reflect how much we want our clients to succeed — because let’s face it, small businesses are like fingerprints – no two are alike — but how much we, as a company can handle. Thus, within the past three years, we’ve quintupled (5x) our number of employees at our Santa Ana headquarters.

An Explosion of Awesome

We have been growing so rapidly — 2,586% in three years, according to Inc — that we are one office away from taking over the entire floor in our building. We’re certainly past the stage where we can call ourselves a small business, especially with our growth. We do however, know what it means and what it’s like to be one, so we understand the concerns of aspiring small businesses.

We have always offered multiple business funding options for small businesses, but we’ve found that more and more small businesses are requiring our aid. Thus, we’ve signed on leading experts in their respective fields to operate our multitude of divisions.

In fact, we will soon launch our new Crowdfunding Consulting service, Wazgo. If you’re looking to launch your own crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any other crowdfunding platform, be sure to sign up for Wazgo.

Where to go from here

From here, we simply plan to continue to offer business funding solutions for startups and small businesses across the country. We know what it’s like to take an idea, and see it come to fruition. We’ve done it with our own company, and we’ve worked with thousands of other businesses that have done the same.

We’d like to see your business on the Inc 500, as well, because nothing would make us more proud than to say we helped you get there.

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